Teen Unit

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Where and When?
at LPI and at Trinity First UMC Wednesdays from 5:00-7:30pm.

What is this?
The Teen Unit is a new program sponsored by the United Methodist Women to encourage young women to grow in their call as future female leaders of the universal mission church.

Get energized to be more involved as young women in mission through prayer, study, and action.

What do we do?
Pray, eat, make crafts, share our problems and joys, study God´s answers, do mission work, practice self defense for women, have guest speakers, etc.

Nothing except your commitment to attend regularly!.

What do I get out of this?
Fellowship and deeper understanding of your own role and call as a Christian woman in mission. You also join one of the largest women´s organization in the world.

Diana Davis & the United Methodist Women at Trinity First UMC

LPI Lay Ministry UMW Teen Unit travel to Austin, Texas
On Jan. 25, 2013 four young ladies of the LPI Lay Ministry Program , UMW Teen Unit traveled to Austin, Texas for the 25th annual United Methodist Women's Legislative Event. This is an annual event in which UMWs learn about legislative issues related to United Methodist Social Principles and the priorities of the United Methodist Women. This year's event featured a very special keynote address by the national leader of the United Methodist Women, Harriet Jane Olson. This Legislative Event was packed with expert policy presentations, practical advocacy training, and conversations with top Texas lawmakers, as well as time at the Capitol. They traveled to the Capital to speak with legislators about funding the water plan for Texas, extending Medicaid for those who qualify, Educational issues especially in the area of standardized testing and its negative impact on student learning and Criminal Justice issues particularly where they affect Juvenile Justice. Ilka Vega, Priscilla Huerta, Carolina Jaquez and Keyla Anderson represented LPI, their parents and themselves in a respectful, professional manner.

Additional Ministries
In 2013, The Lay Ministry Program sponsored a Young Life Program which will move to the Methodist Houchen Community Center, located a few blocks East of L.P.I., this school year. This program strives to reach teenagers who are not connected to the Christian Faith in a meaningful way.