Servicio a la Communidad

Segundo Barrio Celebration
Students in the Lay Ministry program reach out to the community in a number of ways. Several serve in the Hispanic service at a local church providing the music for that service and on Wednesday evenings helping with that church’s children and youth programs. Two have assisted with another local church in teaching Spanish to members going on mission trips to Latin American countries. Two students have been helping at a Senior Recreational Facility one block from the school and two at the local library a few blocks away. Each Thanksgiving we facilitate a can drive and the Student Council purchases chickens to provide food for 12 families identified by the local elementary schools as the greatest in need. Each year L.P.I. hosts The Celebrate Segundo Barrio Day which provides a Health Fair, food distribution and entertainment for the entire family. Lay Ministry students along with students from other school organizations volunteer in many different capacities for this event. Most Lay Ministry students serve in their own churches as well. All of us at La Lydia strive to instill in these students the example that Jesus of Nazareth provided of servant leadership.

Susana's Wesley School
En 2010, LPI otorgo una beca completa a dos ni?os para asistir a esta instituci?n. Escuela Susana Wesley o Colegio Susana Wesley es una escuela misionera visualizada, construida, y fundada a trav?s del servicio del Pastor Antonio Briones y su familia y el apoyo de los fieles y asociados en misi?n a trav?s de la frontera ubicada en Cd. Ju?rez, Chih. M?xico.

La escuela proporciona una educaci?n cristiana a los ni?os de 1 ? a 6 ? grado. Esta incorporada oficialmente a la SEP (Secretaria de Educaci?n P?blica), y es reconocido como una escuela privada por el plan de estudios nacional de M?xico.