Lydia Patterson Institute, El Paso, TX
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Field Of Dreams

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LPI's Capital Campaign

A Vision for the Future:

In conjunction with celebrating its 100th birthday in 2013, Lydia Patterson Institute is embarking on the largest Capital Campaign in its history to ensure its future as one of the nation’s most unique multi-cultural educational institutions. We are excited to embark on this effort and are seeking assistance from individuals, foundations, and others institutions, large and small, to help continue this legacy well into the 21st century.

The Proposed Projects

will essentially strip all existing facilities to the bare structure and rebuild them to the latest building standards, including updated lighting, information technology and accessibility needs. In addition, a new structure will be built on the southwest corner of the campus to house a new chapel, new dining area, specialized classrooms, and student gathering areas. New athletic fields will be constructed adjacent to the campus. Construction will occur in phases to allow for continued school operation and to match fund raising efforts.

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